As an artist with a background in painting and drawing, I treat my photographs in the same way as I treat my paintings. A final single piece is made up of many photos that are shot separately and then combined into a digital collage.

When making photographs, I choose the color palette much as a painter would choose the paints that will be applied onto a canvas. From there I take my camera on a journey as I seek out these colors from different places, usually at similar times of the day and taken under natural light. This way, when I digitally combine what has been shot, it looks as close to reality as possible.

I am influenced by my surroundings and by the subtle not so subtle changes that I see happening. When growing up I recognized many changes happening to the horizon line, which has accelerated over the years. As an artist I am intrigued by these changes that I try and capture as time passes, sometimes revisiting the same site multiple times to re-shoot as things develop, and to see the effect this has on the physical location as well as on the people living in the area.

The outcomes are visual representations of my observations, combined with elements from my imagination, which together form the final image.